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h3 stands for Hans-Heinrich Haarnagel:
farmer and agricultural graduate, freelance journalist, self-employed and active member of the Verband Deutsche Agrarjournalisten e.V. Kommunikation Agrar (VDAJ) (Association of German Agricultural Journalists).

Born 1960, married with two children.

Raised on a farm, higher level school certificate, national service, training in farm business management.

Read agricultural sciences at Göttingen University. Specialisations: economics and agricultural engineering. Practical studies in plant breeding and agricultural engineering.

Overseas work experience in England and France.

Five years experience in sales promotion including 18 months as customer services manager.

Eighteen months experience in sales with products requiring detailed explanation for users. Three years as marketing manager before commencing as independent businessman.

The experience accumulated in that spectrum of work offers a solid grounding for the competences I offer in the following: 

The h3 network brings competent partners into my team that can offer professional solutions, for instance in web-hosting and exhibition stand design. Meanwhile I concentrate on providing consultancy services and the conception and coordination of projects and text work. All other tasks are carried out by the h3 network of experts and defined as additional services.