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We are delighted with the encouragement and constructive comments from our clients and thank them sincerely:

Alö Deutschland Vertriebs-GmbH
Alö Deutschland Vertriebs-GmbH is a daughter company of the worldwide Alö concern and is responsible for sales, marketing and service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Alö is worldwide market leader for front loaders and their attachments.

Hans-Heinrich Haarnagel advises us in all aspects of marketing and advertising for the German and Austrian markets. Within our budgetary plans he organises and optimises our advertising (planning, developing of media plan through to advertisement placement). He developed concepts for new advertisement series which were then created through his network of specialists.

Mr Haarnagel also carries out our press work. Together with our product manager he produced a press pack for Agritechnica presenting the most important company innovations. Since January 2005 he and his team have redesigned our Internet presence. His continual and wholehearted support is always available for our marketing, sales promotion and advertising.

What we value with Mr Haarnagel is his agreeable manner, his experience and knowledge of the market in general. He is also well-informed about our products in particular: the frontload and its attachments.

Robert Eckert
Managing Direktor
Alö Deutschland Vertriebs-GmbH

We have successful worked with Mr Hans-Heinrich Haarnagel since 2003.

Mr Haarnagel has advised and supported us in advertising. As well as the development of new advertisements he has also taken responsibility for the administration of our media planning budget. New brochures have been created and those printed in a number of languages for our most important markets. Of great advantage to us is Mr Haarnagel’s capacity for quickly absorbing a great deal of knowledge about our products and also customer target groups. We are very satisfied with the results of our work with Mr Haarnagel.

HAWE-Wester GmbH&Co.KG

It’s always a pleasure for us to work with Mr Haarnagel. His competent, friendly and open manner never fails to add enthusiasm to every project. His PR concepts are very well founded on the relevant details and present the most different themes clearly and coherently. The advertising concepts developed by him demonstrate high quality content and creative flair, the symbiosis which makes them so successful.

Monika Ingelmann, Dipl. Graphic Designer
M-DESIGN Logo- & Corporate Design

I have used the services of h3 Agency for Press and PR Consultancy since 2000 and in the agricultural machinery sector have known Mr Haarnagel for even longer.

In particular I value his long-year experience and specialist knowledge of agricultural engineering – know-how which is very evident in the advertisements he creates and above all in his coherent formulation of press texts.

Our cooperation started with the production of press releases and a report on the company. For three years now Mr Haarnagel has organised the media advertising for Tanco in Germany, from the development of a media and advertising placement plan through to billing and advertising control. This year we have also given him responsibility for the conception of advertising.

In other ways too, Hans-Heinrich Haarnagel is an always helpful business colleague in the field of marketing and we also appreciate his dependable and punctual approach to work.

Armin Walter
Marketing Manager, Tanco Autowrap